Three Engagement Rings Future Brides Will Adore Now and Forever

engagement ringWhen it comes to proposing to the person we love, we want to get everything right, especially the ring! The ring, aside from the marriage itself, of course, is the most permanent part of the proposal, so there is—understandably—a lot of pressure in getting the right ring.

At Alberta Diamond Exchange, we pride ourselves on beautiful engagement rings. We know you can find or design the perfect ring for your special someone at our store.

Check out these trends for some awesome engagement ring inspiration.

Trend #1: Colored Stones

Colored stones have risen in popularity over the last couple of years. From designing rings with different colored diamonds to using nontraditional ones as engagement rings, you have options. Sapphire is a great choice for an engagement ring, as they are the closest to thing to diamonds in hardness, and come in every colour! Some of the most popular colours currently are light peach pinks, light blues, and blue-greens.  

Trend #2: Navette Rings

The term “navette” in navette rings actually stands for “little ship,” which is probably something you wouldn’t think about when shopping around for the perfect engagement ring. However, it just refers to the design of the ring, which resembles a small ship. Navette rings were popular in the Victorian era but have risen in popularity at other points throughout time. If your special someone wants something alternative, vintage-looking (even when it’s brand new), or something that looks like it’s straight out of the Victorian era, plain and simple, these are the rings to choose.

Trend #3: Vintage Art Deco Rings

Vintage will never go out of style, no matter what the term “vintage” is referring to, and the same goes for vintage art deco rings. Now, this style of engagement ring has risen in popularity immensely over the past couple of years. Each ring produced in this style is unique and honestly, to die for. While you may be able to custom design one mimicking the style, your best bet is to shop vintage!

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5 Unique Engagement Rings You Didn’t Know You Could Buy

alexandrite engagement ringEngagement rings are kind of a big deal — said no person ever. Engagement rings are a HUGE deal. They’re something your significant other will wear for the rest of their lives, so you want to be sure you get something special for them. But what do you do when your significant other doesn’t want a traditional diamond ring? Well, don’t fret, because you have options.

Here are five unique engagement rings that you can opt for instead of the standard white gold diamond ring.

#1: Yellow or Rose Gold Settings

White gold engagement rings were all the rage for years, but yellow and rose gold have risen in popularity over the years. Even when paired with a traditional diamond, choosing yellow or rose gold make for a unique looking ring. Plus, they look great with other stones, such as a sapphire or morganite.

#2: Alternative Gemstones For A Pop Of Colour!

If your significant other prefers a pop of color in their engagement ring, they have options! Colored diamonds come in many different colors ranging from yellow, pink to even champagne hues. Sapphires are a great option for a center stone, as they come in almost every color of the rainbow, and can typically handle day to day wear. We are seeing light pinks, blues and greens gaining more popularity every day. We carry a wide variety of rings beautifully designed with stones of all kinds. Check out our online inventory to see more!

#3: Unique Cuts

In addition to a traditional round brilliant cut diamond, there are many options that can make for a unique engagement ring. From pears to ovals, or even a vintage looking rose cut diamond. We are also seeing trillions and marquise diamonds making a comeback!

#4: Unique Design

The design of the ring is a place where you can really get creative. Whether you find a unique ring design in stock, or you are going with a full custom design, you can make a ring as unique and beautiful as your significant other.

#5: Just the Band

Many couples opt to just get a band for the engagement ring. Whether you want something plain and simple or intricate and complete with diamonds or gemstones, we’re sure you can find what you’re looking for when you shop with us.

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Be Unique: Alternative Gems for Engagement Rings

woman's hand wearing a unique engagement ringSo you’ve decided. You’re going to propose to the love of your life, the star in your sky, the holder of your heart. It needs to be perfect, sure, from the setting to what you’re going to say. And have you thought about the ring? The same ring that your significant other will show off and wear for the rest of their lives—it has to be perfect.

But what if your significant other doesn’t want a diamond?

Is it okay to break convention? Sure! At Alberta Diamond Exchange, we have a slew of other options that can make for the perfect engagement ring. So why not be bold?


Sapphire gemstones are a great alternative to diamond rings, especially if your significant other was born in September since it is that month’s birthstone. Sapphires come in a variety of colors, including yellow, pink, and purple, but the blues are the most popular. Sapphires are durable and look beautiful!


Garnet is another common alternative to diamond rings. Garnets are red, the birthstone for the month of January, and go great when paired with rubies or diamonds. While the term garnet refers to a wide range of colorful minerals, the color red usually comes to mind first. Red garnets, also referred to as the Pyrope garnet, can range from an orange-rust color to a deep blood-red. Folklore also states that garnets can bring good faith, prosperity, and good health, making them a great option for engagement rings.


If you’re familiar The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, you know that the author wanted the Emerald City to be a shiny, green metropolis. Much like the city, emerald gemstones are shiny, green, and, quite frankly, beautiful. Emeralds match with both a gold and silver band and can be paired with other gemstones for truly beautiful engagement rings.


With various shades of red to choose from, you can find the perfect ruby gemstone for your significant other. Plus, they look great with diamonds and your choice of gold or silver jewelry, giving them a truly one of a kind engagement ring.


Morganite is a beautiful, soft pink gemstone that is a little more unheard of than the rest of the stones. They’re a unique option to choose because they will give your spouse something many other people won’t have. With their soft champagne, rose-gold color, morganite gemstones make for the perfect engagement ring.


When it comes to engagement rings, there really are no limits. The important thing is that you get a ring your significant other will love. While there are usually not enough words to describe your love for each other, engagement rings are the perfect way to let the rest of the world know you’re in it for the rest of your lives. At Alberta Diamond Exchange, we have beautiful, one of a kind engagement rings in our inventory. Check out our selection online or schedule an appointment to meet with one of our jewelry experts today!