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In a process spanning billions of years, naturally occurring diamonds undergo an extended cycle of scorching heat and immense pressure to become the crystals we mine today. But with the power of technology, we are now able to produce stunning diamonds!

Alberta Diamond is proud to offer a variety of center stone options to create your perfect engagement ring. With our partner, Diamond Foundry, we are now offering lab-grown diamonds in Calgary

By harnessing the power of ultra-dense, ultra-hot plasma, a small piece of diamond is laid in the plasma with carbon. The crystal lattice is formed over time atom-by-atom. Diamond Foundry’s critically acclaimed process has been hailed as an engineering marvel; creating diamonds virtually identical to mined diamonds.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are a Great Option

Visually, lab-created diamonds are identical to mined diamonds. In fact, only experienced gemologists with highly specialized technological tools can accurately tell the difference between a lab-grown and mined diamond. Lab-grown diamonds use much less energy and resources to create; the benefit being less expensive on average than its mined counterpart.

Just like our mined diamonds, our lab-grown diamonds are always conflict-free, adhering to the international standards of the “Kimberly Process”. This means that no diamond we sell has been obtained through unfavourable or violent means. Produced in a controlled and structured laboratory environment, you can be sure that your diamond was produced and collected in an ethical way.

Our partner, Diamond Foundry, is the world’s first laboratory to produce diamonds in a carbon-neutral setting with a strong focus on the environment.

The Versatility of a Lab-Grown Diamond Environment

Today, lab-grown diamonds account for less than 1% of the diamond market. In fact, most of these diamonds aren’t even sold to consumers. Most lab-grown diamonds are produced for industrial, commercial, or scientific applications because they can easily be tailored for a specific purpose such as high-precision equipment.

Historically, lab-grown diamonds were produced in low quality and reserved for industrial uses. With improvements to technology, we are now able to produce high quality, beautiful diamonds for use in jewellery. A lab-grown diamond from Alberta Diamond is guaranteed to be an amazing option for your engagement ring.

Lab-Grown Diamond FAQs

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