As the hardest known substance, diamonds can last lifetimes and are often handed down from generation to generation. The ancients Greeks believed that these brilliant stones were the delicate splinters of fallen stars and offered special powers to those who wore them.

The right diamond can express a personality without saying a word and the gift of diamond jewelry is one of the most cherished ways to celebrate some of life's important moments. From engagements to anniversaries, from new births to milestone birthdays, a diamond ring makes a profound and passionate statement.

At ADX, we want you to have a thorough understanding of the diamond industry and our mission is to ensure that you have an informed and transparent diamond experience.

We believe that Knowledge is Power if you're a first time diamond buyer. Learn all about the characteristics that are important when selecting a diamond.

Buying a diamond is an exciting experience but there are some pitfalls that you can avoid throughout the process. While passion is important in choosing a diamond, you should also have the knowledge and tools to ensure that you are making an informed decision and a sound investment.

One of our diamond experts can help guide you through the diamond purchasing process when you book an appointment with us. We also encourage you read our Top 10 Mistakes Made When Purchasing a Diamond information guide.

1. Learn Why Diamond Education is so Important

2. Learn the Anatomy of a Diamond

3. Learn the 5 C's of Diamond Education

4. Learn About the Girdle of a Diamond


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