In Gold We Trust

For millennia, gold has held a special place in the world. It's been used as a currency, has adorned royalty and is the symbol of excellence.

Gold is a remarkable rare metal with unparalleled properties. Its brilliance, natural beauty and resistance to tarnish have made it a valuable and much sought-after commodity.

Gold is seldom used in its pure form because it's too soft, instead, it's used in combination with other metals called alloys, Pure gold is known as 24kt gold but most jewelry is made from either 18kt gold (75 per cent pure gold), 14kt gold (58.5 per cent pure gold) or 19kt gold (79.2 percent pure gold).

While yellow is still the most popular color of gold, by mixing it with other alloys, our master jewelers can create other color variations such as white gold and rose gold. Gold jewelry is always in fashion and often the first go-to jewelry option because you can wear it with anything.

ADX master jewelers offer 19kt white gold for any of our custom designed pieces. Benefits of 19kt gold include:


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