Rare & Resilient

Platinum has made a name for itself because of its elegant and lustrous look, not to mention its remarkable resistance. In fact, platinum is the rarest precious metal that you can buy.

Platinum is usually 90-95 per cent pure (compared to 75 per cent for 18-carat gold) and is naturally hypoallergenic so it can be worn every day. Over time, platinum develops a patina created by a series of tiny scratches that dull its look but it can be easily re-polished to its original beauty.

Platinum is incredibly dense and is the heaviest precious metal that you can buy which also means that it's more expensive than a lighter alternative precious metal.

Thanks to its durability, platinum is the ideal precious metal to ensure that your diamonds and other precious gemstones are held securely in fine jewelry settings. A naturally white metal, platinum will not change color over time and it doesn't change shape so your jewelry will last a lifetime.


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