A Beautiful Mine - Canadian Diamonds

Canada is world-famous for many things such as its natural beauty, pristine lakes, unspoiled wilderness and, most recently, its pure diamonds. Diamond rich areas were discovered in Canada in the early 1990's and is currently the third largest diamond producing county in the world.

All Canadian diamonds are ethically and responsibly mined originating from environmentally responsible sources. In fact, Canadian diamonds are the only diamonds in the world that can be traced back to the mine in which they were cut.

Canadian diamonds are pure, of the highest quality and wholly-free from violence and human rights abuses because they are mined in accordance with Canada's strict mining laws.

Canadian Diamond Industry

Canadian mining companies are leading the way in integrating sustainable development into their activities and abroad. In fact, the Canadian diamond mining industry was the first in the world to develop and adopt a national environmental policy. On the international front, some of Canada's major diamond mining companies are involved in charitable initiatives that are delivering health, water and electrical services within their communities.

At ADX, you can rest assured knowing that all of our diamonds are conflict-free and adhere to the guidelines set out in the Kimberly Process.

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