Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Finding the love of your life was the hard part. With the right knowledge finding the perfect ring can be a simple and fun expression of love. Choosing the ring your loved one will cherish for years is easier with a few simple ingredients.

Begin by gathering details that will help the decision making process. Finding a ring that makes your bride-to-be gush starts with understanding their preferences. The ring should feel natural and a choice that truly compliments their style.

There are many facets to style. Does your partner tend to choose classics, or is not afraid to try something new? Consider if they might gravitate toward feminine, vintage, modern or practical. If they work with their hands, you might not want a ring that can scratch easily, which makes metal options an important factor.

Is your future bride active and sporty? If so, you might want to rethink a micro pavé halo and instead opt for a solitaire, as this tends to handle getting knocked better. Another factor is height. The higher the positioning of the gemstone on the ring, the easier it can get caught on clothes, gear or hair. However, a higher setting can have an incredible impact if “wow factor” is high on the list of priorities.

Listening to your partner’s input on casual jewellery conversation will become invaluable in the process. Most people may drop a hint or two on the type of ring they like, while others may show you what kind of ring that they want. Listen intently anytime they talk about jewellery.

Make a mental note of how your future bride reacts to other engagement rings. Keep an eye on what other rings and jewellery they wear. Is it delicate? Bold? What type of metal do they prefer? Our goal is to help you create a moment where you present a ring that is exactly what they wanted. Some couples decide to create the rings together, and the process can be equally enjoyable. 

Choosing a Stone

Our education centre is a great resource to understand the foundations of a diamond search. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes including round,oval, princess-cut, pear-shape, marquis, emerald-cut and heart-shape just to name a few. 

Narrowing down the shape and cut is a major step, one a diamond consultant can assist with. We can help you learn the "5 C's" (caratcutclaritycolour and certification) and diamond anatomy basics, to ensure that you get the very best diamond for your money.

Colour & Type of Metal 

Each metal has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, gold is shinier and easier to buff to its original luster than another harder metal (such as platinum). However, it is less durable and wears down faster. For more on this, please visit our metal education centre

Style of Ring  

Contemporary designs, classic solitaires, three-stone rings, or vintage-inspired looks are just some of the variety of choices available. No one ring setting is better than another, it's all a matter of taste.

Establish a budget. There's an old rule that says “three months’ salary” and this is no longer a standard measure.  At Alberta Diamond Exchange we aim to find the best value for your money, and consistently consider budget and affordability. 

We are more than happy to collaborate with clients who are looking for something pragmatic, and also clients who are looking to make an investment. It is in our core values to treat all clients the same, regardless of budget. 

Reading about diamonds is a great start to researching, but nothing is better than sitting with a knowledgeable expert who is there to answer all your questions. At Alberta Diamond Exchange we pride ourselves on delivering diamond education to all of our clients. Our mission is to offer a transparent, ethical and personalized diamond experience. We always take our clients beyond the "5 C’s", to ensure that you know all of the important facts that our competitors don’t talk about. 

Visit our contact us page to schedule a diamond education session. This can take place in our Aspen Glen location, or through online video chat. This meeting is aimed to educate our clients and serve as an introduction, rather than a sales pitch.

Thinking Bespoke? Make it your own

There's something magical about presenting your love with a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Going custom sounds complicated and expensive but it's not. Don't let the word "custom" overwhelm you. Once you have established a good idea of what you are looking for, you may find that it makes more sense to create something from scratch. 

Custom designing a ring means creating your own perfect engagement ring exactly how you envisioned it. Our friendly and dedicated jewellery experts will guide you through the design process making it easy and fun for you (either in person at our office showroom or virtually). We'll work with you and stay within your budget so that you get your custom jewellery for less than what a "shopping mall" jewellery store would charge you for a similar item.

Don't know ring size? No problem.  

Don’t stress about ring size. With a few exceptions, rings can almost always be resized. We're very good at guessing ring size with clients, so don’t panic!

Tips on how to get an idea of her ring size:

  • be conscious of how her hands look in comparison to your own. We can often make a good guess just based on this;
  • if she happens to have a ring that she wears, take a mental note of the finger that she wears it on and how it fits. Is it snug or loose? Does it turn? You can easily slip the ring on your own finger and take another mental note of where it fits on yours;
  • worst case scenario? You have no idea. We can always take a look at some photos that you have of her and generally make a good suggestion.


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