The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the "Perfect" Engagement Ring

You've found the love of your life and she loves you back. Now it's time to pop the question. Not so fast! You have to find the engagement ring first.

Let's face it, there's a fair amount of pressure to get the "perfect" engagement ring for your future bride-to-be. You could probably write a book about pizza toppings, beer and which team is going to win the Stanley Cup but what most men know about jewelry probably would fit on a Post-It note.

For many men, purchasing an engagement ring will be their first experience into the world of jewelry. You'll be inundated with terms that you've never heard of before. Channel setting? Table percentage? Inclusions?

If the thought of diamonds, ring settings and gold or platinum choices makes you lose sleep at night, don't sweat it, that's what we're here for.

We can help you learn the "5 C's" (carat, cut, clarity, colour and certification) and diamond anatomy basics, to ensure that you get the very best diamond for your money You might even want to use this opportunity to score some extra romance points that will last a lifetime.

You want to be confident that the ring that you're purchasing is something that she really loves because she's going to wear it forever and ever (and ever). In fact, she will spend more time with that ring than with you and she should almost love it as much as she loves you.....almost.

Final thoughts....

Thinking Bespoke? Make it your own

There's something magical about presenting your love with a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Going custom sounds complicated and expensive but it's not.

Don't let the word "custom" overwhelm you.

Custom designing a ring means creating your own perfect engagement ring exactly how you envisioned it. Our friendly and dedicated jewelry experts will guide you through the design process making it easy and fun for you (either in person in our office showroom or virtually). We'll work with you and stay within your budget so that you get your custom jewelry for less than what a "shopping mall" jewelry store would charge you for a similar item.

Don't know her ring size? No problem.

Don’t stress about ring size. With a few exceptions, rings can almost always be resized. We're very good at guessing ring size with clients, so don’t panic!

Tips on how to get an idea of her ring size:

  • be conscious of how her hands look in comparison to your own. We can often make a good guess just based on this;
  • if she happens to have a ring that she wears, take a mental note of the finger that she wears it on and how it fits. Is it snug or loose? Does it turn? You can easily slip the ring on your own finger and take another mental note of where it fits on yours;
  • worst case scenario? You have no idea. We can always take a look at some photos that you have of her and generally make a good suggestion.


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