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Hair up, hair down, men, women - diamond studs are perfect for everyone with every style. At Alberta Diamond Exchange, we carry a wide variety of shapes, cuts, and carats of diamond studs, and can also help you design your own.

Cuts and Shapes

Just about every kind of cut and shape of diamond can be used for stud earrings, including circular, teardrop, and pear-shaped. We also have earrings with both single and double halos, complete with more diamonds. Depending on what you want or who you are buying for, you can find a pair that works perfectly.


If you want to have more fun with your earrings, you can get different colored diamonds and precious metals that are used to create the earring itself. These can be worn to match with specific outfits or to stand apart from the standard diamond stud.


Much like other pieces of jewelry, you can get different sized, or carats, of diamond stud earrings. So whether you want something loud and flashy or small and subtle, we’ve got you covered.

Our earrings are beautiful, high-quality, and thoughtfully sourced. Schedule an appointment with one of our jewelry experts today!

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