Beautifully Designed Necklaces-Captivating and Close to Our Hearts

Necklaces at Alberta Diamond Exchange ADX

What we wear close to our heart says a lot about who we are and what we value but many times, our outfits demand show-stopping jewelry. At Alberta Diamond Exchange, you can find some of the most beautiful diamond necklaces on the market.

Discover our exquisite necklace collection crafted with recycled precious metals, ethically-sourced and conflict-free diamonds, and rare gemstones. Choose from a variety of diamond necklaces, diamond pendants, solitaries, and bold statement pieces. Our jewelry is beautiful and unique. Whatever your style, occasion, or mood, we have the design to complete your collection.

Designing Diamond Necklaces

Nothing makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift than a custom designed diamond necklace. Design the perfect necklace by choosing your own diamonds, precious gems, and precious metals. Designing diamond necklaces allows you to create something that has yet to be created, ensuring the final product will be one of a kind.

Visit our ADX Learning Centre to learn about the "5 C's" of the diamond industry, so you can learn how to choose the best diamond for your design. Book an appointment to meet with one of our jewelry experts to bring your creation to life.

Meta Description: Alberta Diamond Exchange designs beautiful diamond necklaces that you can get to match your style or for a special occasion.

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