ADX reflects the passion of our team to carry the highest quality jewelry meant to celebrate every important milestone in life. We will offer you exceptional service, selection, quality and value. We pride ourselves in offering only the most beautiful pieces and working with you to create unique custom pieces that are guaranteed to become family heirlooms that will be treasured for generations to come.

  1. Customers First

    We take great care in listening to our customers in an effort to get to know you better, understand your vision and transform that vision into an amazing reality. At ADX, "A Client is Forever".

  2. Transparency

    We want to offer a transparent, ethical and personalized jewelry experience to all of our clients. "Knowledge is Power" and we want to ensure that you have the education and information to make an informed decision before you purchase a diamond.

  3. High Quality Diamonds, Jewelry & Timepieces

    The ADX experience offers only the finest quality diamonds, jewelry and timepieces. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and excellence in everything that we do.

Environmentally Responsible & Ethically Sourced

At ADX, we're committed to quality and service but we're equally committed to protecting the environment and sourcing our precious materials responsibly.

Sustainability matters to us so all of our fine jewelry is made from recycled precious metals and all our diamonds and gemstones come from ethical sources.

We're doing our part to raise ethical standards in jewelry production and ensuring that our clients are making informed decisions matters to us. We're committed to a transparent, ethical and sustainable diamond and jewelry industry.

We always strive to exceed industry standards and only offer ethically-sourced and conflict-free diamonds that comply with the Kimberly Process.

At ADX we're also are committed to ensuring that our gems and precious metals are benefitting countries and people around the globe. We support organizations such as the Diamond Development Fund and the Diamonds Do Good initiative.

By recycling precious metals, recycling diamonds and ensuring that our diamonds and gems are ethically-sourced and conflict-free, we can ensure that we are offering sustainable luxury to our valued clients.

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