Rolex Watches: A Symbol of Prestige

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Alberta Diamond Exchange is proud to buy and sell Rolex watches. If you currently own a Rolex watch and are interested in selling one, our expert appraisers can have the watch appraised for a fair and competitive offer. If you’re looking to purchase a Rolex watch, we have a wide selection of new and previously-owned certified watches. We’d be happy to recommend a watch based on your special occasion.

Established in 1905

Today we associate the name Rolex with superior quality. Long before the brand was synonymous with elegance and timeless design, its visionary Hans Wilsdorf, then only 24 years of age, envisioned a wristwatch that was equally luxurious, equally reliable. In 1905, Wilsdorf hired a Swiss watchmaking company to create his image of a small, precise, and dependable watch. Over the decades, Rolex has introduced durable designs that raise the bar for proving its imperviousness. Today, Rolex watches are worn by professionals from various industries and owning a Rolex signifies prominence.

The Rolex Certification

Each watch undergoes a series of approximately 20 tests that measure its durability. Tests involve putting watches in extreme conditions to ensure they pass for reliability, shock resistance, waterproofness, and aging. The company stimulates real-life scenarios that a Rolex watch wearer would experience. If the watch passes the tests, it earns the green seal known as the ‘Superlative Chronometer’. The green seal includes a five-year guarantee, which applies to all Rolex models.

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Our team would love to learn more about your occasion for buying or selling a Rolex watch. Purchasing a Rolex watch is the perfect way of celebrating a milestone, anniversary, graduation, or achievement. To learn more about Rolex watches, please schedule an appointment today.


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