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For many people, the ornamental value of a diamond supersedes its investment value. Indeed, metals such as gold and silver occupy a higher rank in the investment chain than this aesthetically pleasing gem. 

This raises the question. Are diamonds a good investment, the answer is an emphatic YES. In fact, a compelling case can be made in favor of diamonds as an investment option.

Reasons Why Diamonds Are A Good Investment

 If you have not invested in diamonds, here are convincing reasons to.  

No Substance Is More Durable.

You know that a diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet, right? That means they are hard to cut and less susceptible to wear and tear than your other valuables. Therefore, you do not have to undertake extreme measures to preserve diamonds. Their longevity is almost guaranteed as long as you do not lose them of course! Although even that can be resolved by insurance. 

Take Up Less Room

Diamonds take up less space and are thus more portable and transferable than popular investment commodities such as gold. That means more security as you do not have to worry about arousing the attention of potential thieves as you can easily carry them discreetly from one point to the next.

A Good Way To Hedge Against Inflation 

Alongside money, gold is a commonly used measure of value. It is, therefore, more prone to fluctuations in direct response to the prevailing economic conditions. On the other hand, Diamonds are less volatile and thus provide a safer investment option during turbulent economic times. 

Colored diamonds are even more financially advantageous. Due to their rarity and ever-increasing demand, their prices are on a constant rise, guaranteeing profits for your investment.

They Are More Than An Investment.

Your diamonds do not have to remain locked up in the safe, just lying around the house. You can make them into rings, necklaces, or other forms of jewelry and enjoy their decorative properties as well. Diamonds also offer psychological fulfillment. They are tangible, and thus you get to rest easy knowing your investment is safe with you, unlike stocks that are often just virtual investments that you interact with on a computer screen. 

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