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Greed is one of the world’s biggest ills. You only need to watch 2006’s based-on-a-true-story, Blood Diamond, that starred Leo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou, to see for yourself how the retrieval and sale of diamonds has for years brought out the worst in people. However, these events lit the spark of our innate goodness, and over the last couple of years, more than 99 percent of the planet’s diamonds are verifiably conflict-free.  

What Are Conflict Diamonds?

There’s approximately $8.5 billion worth of these precious stones that were mined from African soil. Unfortunately, some of these precious stones were acquired by unsavory means and used for unsavory ends. 

In 1991, civil unrest to unseat the Sierra Leone government was coordinated by a group known as the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). It was a bloody conflict that stretched for more than a decade. This group annexed large swathes of land that were riddled with diamond mines. 

They then used captives, including women and children, to forcefully work in the mines to supply them with diamonds to fund the war effort. A lot of people died, and for this reason, these gemstones gained the now-infamous title ‘blood diamonds’ or ‘conflict diamonds.’ 

This way of funding militia groups has also been seen in other African countries like Liberia, Ivory Coast, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

Are Vintage Diamonds Blood Diamonds?

The answer is a resounding no. Conflict diamonds can trace their genesis to the early ’90s. Vintage or antique engagement and wedding rings trace their beginnings to the 1970s or earlier than that. Buying your vintage jewelry or vintage engagement ring from a verifiable store or jeweler means the rock(s) embedded have no link to loss of life or civil pain of any kind.

Where To Purchase Conflict Free Diamonds?

Here at Alberta Diamond Exchange, we know how special your big day is, be it the engagement, the wedding, or an anniversary. Something you’ll wear for the rest of your lives shouldn’t have a stake in the misery of millions of people.  

Get in touch and make an appointment to look at our stones knowing that, not a single carat has gone on to fund armed conflict in the motherland of the human race.