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Many diamond ring owners have questions about how to care for their jewellery. There are various ways to clean diamond rings, ranging from home methods to professional work. What home methods are safe has long been debated. Many are unsure if boiling a diamond ring is an acceptable cleaning method, but it is! At-home cleaning with boiling water is a safe and effective way to clean it.

Why Use Boiling Water?

One of the biggest reasons people clean their rings with hot water is because it’s a natural solution. Other cleaning agents have harsh chemicals that may leave behind a residue or film on your jewellery. Gold diamond rings particularly benefit from water cleaning; as a soft metal, the gentlest cleanings possible will go a long way in preserving the lifespan of your jewellery piece.

Cleaning Your Ring with Boiling Water

Cleaning your diamond ring at home with boiling water is just a few simple steps.

  1. Place your ring in the center of an empty bowl.
  2. Slowly pour the boiling water over your ring into the bowl. Be sure to pour carefully and avoid splashing or burning yourself.
  3. Allow the ring to soak in the water until it reaches room temperature.
  4. Remove the ring from the water. Using a soft-bristled brush or textured cloth, gently wipe away any dirt from the ring. Be sure to follow the lines of the cut of your gemstone — dust hides easily in more intricate designs.
  5. Rinse the ring under cold water and pat it dry.

Can I Boil Other Gemstones?

Using boiling water to clean rings with any gems other than diamond is not suggested. Other gemstones are set differently into their bands, sometimes utilizing adhesives, and boiling water may weaken the bonds. Always ask your jeweler about the proper cleaning method for a specific piece.

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