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We tend to see our diamond rings as indestructible because they are the hardest known substance. Diamonds are used for drill bits in commercial and mining applications, for heaven’s sake. However, all is not as it seems.

A flawless diamond might no longer be considered perfect once worn because it can easily acquire small blemishes. Diamonds are susceptible to scratches and tiny marks for several reasons, but there are ways to avoid those and help your ring maintain its brilliance.

The Setting

The setting you choose for your diamond can do much to either protect the precious stone or expose it. Have you noticed how marquis settings have a triangle over the tip of the stone to protect it from chipping? A jeweler can help you choose a setting that best protects your diamond. Also, some cuts of diamonds are less susceptible to damage than others. 

Physical Activities

We are so active throughout the day — from sports and exercising to cleaning and gardening — and the ring stays on. While it can be risky to constantly take a ring off, try to be mindful of the activities you are performing. If you bump your ring against something, you may not only scratch it, but you could loosen a prong and risk losing the diamond. 


We hardly give a second thought to the chemicals we expose our jewelry to each day. Abrasive cleaners and scrubbing tools may create minute scratches in your diamond. Some substances that we use in our daily lives may dull its appearance.

Clean It

Use the mildest of cleaners such as diluted dish soap to clean your diamond. A soft toothbrush works well, but be careful to scrub very gently. Regularly removing built up grime and dirt will allow your diamond to look its best. Your jewelry store will also be happy to clean it for you, and they can check for loose prongs or other dangers at the same time. 

Insure It

It is good practice to insure your diamond ring through a reputable company. Your jeweler can advise, or you may be able to add it to a homeowners’ policy. You will need an up-to-date appraisal that your jeweler can supply.