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Engagement rings have a long-held esteemed place in society, giving lovers a romantic way to display their love and commitment to each other for a lifetime. When your darling’s magical moment comes, be sure to know just how to dazzle her and make her sparkle. We will go over all the need to know basics to get you started on your path to finding the perfect ring.


  • Solitaire- This style is one of the most widely popular styles of engagement ring.  It has a classic, thin or thick band made of metal that holds the stone you choose with prongs. The prongs can be flat, round, or v-shaped. 
  • Cathedral- This style is noticeable for its height,  with arches of metal that support the center stone. Other smaller stones can be added as an adornment. 
  • Halo- This style is rising in popularity; the center diamond is encircled with other smaller diamonds, forming a circle around it. The smaller diamonds can also wrap around the shank or the portion that wraps around the finger. 
  • Three stones and side stone: This style has multiple stones that accent the main stone. Typically, they are the same shape as the main stone but are smaller in size.


Here are some top ring shapes that are sure to make her smile.

  • Round- This style is the go-to diamond known for its sparkle- as it is cut to catch a spectacular reflection. If you are at a total loss, this is a safe classic choice. 
  • Princess- Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and with this shape, she can. This dazzling shape can be round or square.  You’d definitely want to protect this rock with a more protective setting to keep it from chipping.
  • Cushion-Cut- For a vintage look, you may opt for the cushion cut. This shape is square with rounded edges.
  • Oval: These stunning stones have an elongated shape that makes them appear larger than they are. They pair nicely with a solitaire setting to 


The cut of a diamond is the science behind how the diamond cutter chose to cut, shape, and polish the diamond to maximize its beauty.  Diamonds are evaluated:

  • Brightness- or how the light reflects off of the stone.
  • Fire- how the light scatters through the diamond.
  •  Scintillation- The amount of sparkles that dance on the diamond as it moves under light

These are the basics to get you started on your hunt for the perfect ring; once you narrow down these foundational features and select the best cut, shape, and setting for the perfect ring, you will be prepared to begin viewing various rings within your search criteria.  And, you are one step closer to happily ever after.