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We know that shopping for a diamond ring or engagement set can feel overwhelming. So today, the diamond specialists at Alberta Diamond Exchange are here to help! 

We’ll introduce you to a few styles and materials here, but you’re always welcome to contact us for more.

Which Comes First: The Setting Or The Stone?

When choosing a diamond ring setting, this is the “chicken or egg” question. The setting and the stone are equally important. Knowing the size and cut of the diamond you’re shopping for will help narrow down the setting options. 

  • We usually suggest that customers consider the diamond first because it can be a significant part of the budget and affects your choice in settings.
  • But every client is different!
  • Sometimes customers come in with an inherited stone that needs a new setting, while others look for a finished diamond ring.

No matter which type of diamond ring you’re looking for, your best bet is to see the stones in person and examine them in sunlight. 

Which Metals Are Best For Diamond Rings? 

The purity of gold is measured in karats (K.) This is different from the size of diamonds measured in carats. 24K gold is nearly pure but very expensive and very soft. The metals used in your diamond engagement ring setting should match the style and lifestyle of the wearer! A busy career mom who plays volleyball might prefer a tough 10K setting. Whereas a refined, discerning “lady who lunches” will appreciate the luxury and purity of an 18K setting. 

It’s all about the wearer!

Traditional Diamond Setting Materials

In North America, traditional metals for diamond rings are:

  • 14K yellow, rose or white gold — it’s the standard setting.
  • 18K gold in yellow, rose or white — a bit purer, a bit more expensive, and easier to scratch
  • 10K gold — less pure than 14K, it’s more durable, harder to scratch, and less expensive
  • Platinum — historically, this white metal was more expensive than gold, but that has changed. Platinum never tarnishes, making it ideal for a busy wearer who doesn’t want to clean her jewelry every week.

Ultimately, the diamond setting you choose should fit your budget, suit the wearer, and display the stone. If you’d like to learn more about diamond ring settings, let’s talk. We are ready to help you choose the perfect diamond ring setting.