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CVD is abbreviated from a process known as Chemical Vapor Decomposition. Therefore, a CVD diamond is derived from this process whereby diamond seed crystal is the starting material, typically from a high-quality synthetic diamond, in a vacuum chamber.

The diamond seed crystal is treated with high temperatures and pressures where natural gas like methane is pumped into the chamber, where it is finally broken down into free carbon atoms that accumulate on the surface of the crystal to form a CVD diamond.

How To Identify A CVD diamond?

It isn’t easy to differentiate a CVD diamond from a natural diamond. Since their composition is identical, high-class tools are necessary to determine the type.

Specific indicators show that a diamond is either grown in the lab or specifically grown by the chemical vapor decomposition method. Such indicators are tested in the lab by a professional jeweler viewing a CVD diamond under a microscope.

Type IIA

CVD diamonds are classified according to their color and physical properties. Type I and type II are the major classifications of diamonds besides other smaller classifications such as IA, IB, IIA, and IIB. The CVD process gives rise to a stone that qualifies as a Type IIA diamond.

These type IIA diamonds do not have measurable boron or nitrogen impurities and are mostly colorless. These characteristics make them the most chemically pure diamonds. Also, type IIA is naturally rare.

Should You Purchase A CVD Diamond?

The following are the reasons why you should acquire a CVD diamond:


Are you a fan of fancy-colored diamonds? Then CVD diamond is the best choice for you. The color of the CVD diamond can be carefully controlled because the chemical vapor decomposition process uses natural gases, which provide various colors.


CVD diamonds exhibit characteristics of beauty and durability. CVD diamonds shine brighter, giving them unparalleled quality.


Jewelers can control the color, size, and purity of the diamond. This causes a constant influx of quality diamonds produced outside of the CVD process. The diamond becomes less expensive when it’s readily available.

Without dispute, diamonds are in high demand. No wonder scientists are mimicking the diamond growth process. Scientific innovations have brought about the creation of CVD diamonds. Contact us For more information about diamonds.