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If you love to get lost gazing into a diamond, then a high-quality Asscher cut diamond will be your favorite piece.

At first glance, Asscher-cut diamonds give the illusion of a square-cut stone. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice every corner of the square has been nipped off, so it’s an octagon.

  • Looking deeper into an Asscher cut diamond, you’ll see the facets cut as wide “steps.” Because of these steps, the asscher cut is in the step cut family.
  • These broad facets let a lot of light in and out of a stone.
  • So this cut is excellent for very clear stones with no inclusions (imperfections.)

And while Asscher cut diamonds don’t create the same amount of fire and scintillation as a round brilliant cut (the most popular diamond cut right now), they’re ideal for showcasing a big, clear, colorless and visibly clean diamond. In other words, only the best diamonds can wear this cut well!

The History of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Joseph Asscher — a legend in diamond history — developed this cut in 1902. His goal was to maintain as much carat weight as possible of every diamond. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Asscher cut diamonds became most popular after World War I.

  • Today, you can find older Asscher cut diamonds in antique Art Deco pieces and newer versions of this classic geometrical style. 

Because in 1999, the Asscher was reborn.

The New Royal Asscher Cut is a Diamond Reborn

Per the GIA, Joseph Asscher’s grandson Edward came up with a fresh take on the original after visiting the US in 1999. The new Royal Asscher cut boasts 16 more facets than the original 58, allowing even more light into these stones. They are stunning!

He also added two more rows of eight facets each to the bottom of the stone and made the rows narrower. Thus, he was able to keep the classic appearance while making each diamond more modern and dynamic. 

Need Help Finding An Asscher Cut Diamond?

Today, the diamond experts at the Alberta Diamond Exchange are here to help you explore the world of Asscher cut diamonds. Whether you’d prefer a vintage piece or a brand-new engagement ring, our team is standing by to help you choose the perfect one. Contact us to learn more about any of our diamond offerings today.