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A luxury watch’s embodiment includes a host of quality materials, an eye-catching appearance, and outmoded functionality. Well-known luxury watches have chronometers, dress watches, dive watches, and moon phase watches. Chronometers usually are made from durable, high-quality materials and feature more accurate and advanced movements. Here are dynamics that make luxury watches expensive:

Luxury is Expensive

People perceive an expensive watch as something more valuable. Luxury watches are easily identified by looking at the bezel, caliber, crown, enameling, and complexity. The bezel is the large ring surrounding the face, while the caliber describes the movement’s shape or layout. 

Research and Development Counts

Customers are ready to pay top dollars for quality, in-house mechanical movements made by skilled artisans. The R&D that goes into the making of luxury watches is evident in the magnificent finishes, the hand-wound watch movement, and split-second lever, among other elements. That is unlike the cheaper quartz movement watch powered by an electric current.

Appreciation for Studious Craftsmanship

Luxury handmade watches are pieced together with experienced watch engineers and artisans and incorporate hand-engraving and enameling techniques. However, the whole process is time-consuming, and that adds to high pricing valuation. Swiss assembled and encased watches such as Omega, Patek Philippe, and Rolex attracts higher market prices because of the centuries-old, fine watchmaking tradition. 

Limited Quantities Mean Higher Prices

The advanced mechanical movement is a common feature in luxury watchmaking. Since the production takes a lot of time, watchmakers often provide expensive, limited editions as a strategy to recoup the cost. Exquisite elements such as cathedral hands and vintage-style Champagne dial, among other trimmings, may also be added to enhance the value of the watch. 

The premium value found in luxury watches is a collection of many factors, including research and development, brand, craftsmanship, and the number of pieces produced. At Alberta Diamond Exchange we put your needs first. Contact us today for unmatched luxury watches.