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A nice, simple gold chain can easily be a favorite piece of jewellery in your collection. It’s easy to decide that you’re going to wear it everywhere. That decision leads to whether or not you can shower while wearing your gold chain. In general, it’s best to remove any jewellery before stepping into the shower. However, when it comes to gold, there are some caveats. Read on to learn more about showering with your gold chain.

Can I Shower With Pure Gold?

Gold jewellery comes in different karats. A karat is a measure of how pure the gold in a piece of jewellery is. In its purest form, gold can be easily scratched or bent, so it gets mixed with other alloys in varying amounts in order to make it more durable. The typical karat amounts are 14, 18, 22, and 24, with 24 karats being 100% pure gold and the lesser karats denoting higher ratios of alternate metals to gold. 

Because of the soft nature of pure gold, showering with it is not advised. The heat from hot water mixed with the chemicals in soaps can warp and damage your jewellery. On top of that, many soaps contain exfoliates that are designed to scrub away dead skin. These exfoliating agents can be highly abrasive to pure gold, scratching and physically damaging it. 

Gold that is mixed with other alloys tends to fare better in the physical durability category. But they still shouldn’t be worn in the shower. Soaps, shampoos, and conditions contain chemicals and oils that can dull or even discolor gold jewelry. Because one of the marks of genuine gold jewelry is its shine, you run the risk of making your gold chain look inauthentic. And that’s probably the last thing you’d want anyone thinking about your jewellery.

Can I Shower With Gold-Plated Jewellery?

Gold-plated jewellery is made from a base metal like copper or silver, which is then dipped in a thin layer of pure gold. This style of jewellery is less expensive than jewellery made from pure gold, and is typically more durable. The lack of softness makes it more suited for everyday wear. 

However, gold-plated jewellery does not do well in the shower, either. Because the layer of gold plating is so thin, it can actually be chipped or scraped off under harsh conditions. Wearing your gold-plated chain in the shower exposes that thin layer to harsh soaps with oils and exfoliating agents that can both tarnish the gold and strip it off. Keeping your chain wet for too long can also soften the gold plating, causing it to chip off over time. 

If you want your gold chain to last for a long time, your best bet is to not wear it in the shower at all. Take it off and keep it somewhere safe until you’re ready to put it on and look your best. And if you want to add to your collection, or find that perfect piece of jewellery, we are here to help you. So, contact us today and see why the Alberta Diamond Exchange experience stands for quality service.