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Where is your Showroom?

We’re located in the Aspen Landing Shopping Centre in Calgary, AB.

Can I just walk in for my cleaning/consultation?

We are open by appointment only and strongly recommend booking an appointment to make sure a consultant will be available to assist you when you arrive.

What services does ADX offer?
At Alberta Diamond Exchange, we offer a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of the discerning shopper. Whether you’re in the market for high-end diamond jewellery, luxury Swiss watches or a quick gift for a loved one, our experts can guide you through the process with ease. While our showroom is always stocked with beautiful pieces to match any style or budget, we also work with our clients to create sentimental custom jewellery. Our design consultants have access to many diamonds, precious gemstones, and other jewellery components. Our custom goldsmiths work with the utmost precision to ensure the finest details are perfect. We also provide watch maintenance, jewellery restoration and repair, and purchase unwanted pieces in a discreet and fair manner.
What makes ADX unique?
The difference is in the experience. When you walk through the doors at Alberta Diamond Exchange you will be warmly greeted by our friendly, welcoming staff. You will then be guided to a private office, where you will be invited to discuss your requirements in a relaxed, intimate setting. At ADX, we believe that A Client is Forever, and the care and attention given to each client reflects that.

We do not operate with a commission-based model, nor do we subscribe to the power of pressure when guiding our clients towards a purchase. At ADX, we love what we do and are happy to extend that passion to our clients. Purchasing your fine jewellery from Alberta Diamond Exchange will also save you money. We purchase our diamonds directly from the cutting factories, thus eliminating the middleman. This saving in cost is transferred to you, the consumer.

In addition, as a small local business, we pride ourselves in our after-sales service. At ADX, we are here to take care of all your needs long after the sale is complete. Come visit us. Enjoy a tea, coffee or a glass of wine with us and see what we are all about.
How can I stay updated on ADX sales and special events?
To receive our newsletters with information on upcoming sales or events, please fill in your contact information at Stay Informed.
Does ADX Sell Gift Certificates?

Yes! If you’re not sure what to buy a loved one, or want to give them the freedom to choose their own gift, an ADX gift certificate is the perfect solution.

You can purchase a gift certificate by contacting us.

I have some pieces that I no longer want. Does ADX purchase jewellery and watches?

ADX buys jewellery, bullion, coins, flatware, untreated mined-diamonds, Swiss watches, and more.

The first step of selling your unwanted pieces is to make an appointment with our buyer.

During your appointment, our buyer will evaluate your pieces and discuss any offers with you. If you accept an offer, a cheque will be issued to you right away.

As such, we require two forms of ID. One-piece must be a government-issued photo ID.

What brands of watches do you buy and sell?

Alberta Diamond Exchange deals in previously-owned premier Swiss watches. Some of our favourite watch brands are:

  • IWC

You can view our current selection of Watches for Him or Watches for Her on our website.

If you’re interested in selling one of your Swiss watches, contact us to book an appointment with our buyer.

I want to buy something online. How does shipping work?
At ADX, we can process ready to ship jewellery in 2-3 business days. If you need to modify your ready to ship piece (for instance change the finger size) we ask for 1-2 weeks for processing.

Once processed, ADX will ship your jewellery to you using FedEx Priority and send you a tracking number for your package. Standard shipping times within Canada is 2 business days, however, due to COVID, some delays in shipping may occur. You can use your FedEx tracking number to track your package!
I live in the U.S. Can I still buy jewellery from your website?
Yes! We ship our jewellery across Canada and The United States.

For international shipments, we ship using FedEx International Priority and send you a tracking number for your package. Your shipment may come with customs duties and taxes that will be billed separately. Standard shipping times within the US is 5-10 business days, however, due to COVID, some delays in shipping may occur. You can use your FedEx tracking number to track your package!


Do you only sell diamonds, or do you sell gemstones too?

While we specialize in diamonds, we can source many semi-precious gemstones, like sapphires, alexandrites, emeralds, rubies and moissanites.

Does ADX Sell Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Yes, ADX is proud to offer our clients the versatility of choosing between mined or lab-grown diamonds.

Every diamond that passes through our store, whether created deep within the earth’s crust or in a laboratory under similar conditions, is independently graded and certified. You can learn more about lab-grown diamonds on our website, or book an appointment with one of our diamond consultants.


Do lab-grown diamonds come with certification?

Just like mined diamonds, our lab-grown diamonds all come independently certified to ensure they are graded by exceptional international standards. You can learn more about lab-grown diamonds on our website, or book an appointment with one of our diamond consultants.


Can I just buy a loose diamond?

Of course! You can buy a loose diamond to set in your jewellery piece later, or come back to design something with your partner. 

Can I buy a used diamond from you?

Yes, we sell used diamonds.

We have amazing deals on used diamonds in-store.

Do you sell other jewellery besides engagement rings and wedding bands?

Yes we offer all types of jewellery- we are your one-stop-shop for all of your jewellery needs!

Some of our most popular jewellery pieces are necklaces, earrings and watches.

Do you have more jewellery other than the ones shown on your website?

We try to keep our website up to date and can have more jewellery in store.


If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for one of our consultants can order it in or custom make it for you. 

Is it possible to upgrade my lab-grown diamonds?

Of course we can upgrade your lab-grown diamonds!


If you’re ready for a larger centre stone, one of our consultants will help you with your vision.

How are your stones selected?

Your consultant will select the best stones for you to consider based on your budget and needs. 

I want to collaborate with ADX. How does that work?

ADX loves to collaborate. Fill out the “General Inquiries” form on the book an appointment page, and describe your collaboration idea! Please attach any mood boards or visions you may have. Our collaboration coordinator will reach out to you within 3-5 business days. 



Do you clean jewellery that was not bought from ADX?

Yes, we clean jewellery that was not bought from us!

We can clean gold and platinum fine jewellery on-site. For silver jewellery, we can send out your jewellery to our goldsmith.

Do you repair jewellery that was not bought from ADX?

Absolutely! Alberta Diamond Exchange welcomes you to bring in your pieces for restoration or repair. Our goldsmith’s can repair most fine jewellery.


During your appointment one of our consultants will intake your piece. In most cases, you will be provided with a final quote once our goldsmiths have assessed what needs to be done.

My piece is not from ADX. Can I get an appraisal?

To appraise a piece of jewellery that wasn’t purchased from ADX, we use a third-party appraiser. There is a small fee for this service.

Can I leave my ring/jewellery during cleaning?

We recommend waiting in our beautiful showroom while we take care of your jewellery. Cleanings generally take 5-15 minutes to complete and are done on-site. 

How long does a cleaning & inspection take?

Cleanings generally take 5-15 minutes to complete.

How long will my repair take?

Generally repairs take 1 ½ – 2 weeks to complete. Depending on your specific repair needs, that time may be shorter or longer. Your consultant will let you know the time needed for your repair. 

How often should I come for cleaning and inspection?

We want to see you at least every 6 months for your cleaning and inspection to ensure your jewellery remains in tip-top shape.

What does my warranty cover?

We warranty against manufacturer defects for one year after purchase. This means if something happens to your jewellery because of the way it was built, we’ll fix it.

We also provide:
– An appraisal for jewellery over $3,000 so that you can get it insured;
– A complimentary ring sizing within the first 12 months after your pick up;
– Complimentary in-store cleanings and inspections of your jewellery forever.

Can you recreate the same ring that I bought several years ago?

Of course, we can recreate the same ring that was bought several years ago! If the ring that you bought is still available from the supplier, we can reorder it. Or we can recreate it with our custom goldsmith. 

Can I use an old piece of jewellery to create something new? What if I have my own centre stone?

We often use sentimental or heirloom jewellery to create something new. Your consultant will assess your pieces and can advise you on how to incorporate it into your new jewellery.

If you already have a centre stone and want us to help you put it in a ring, we can certainly help you with that too! 

Sell My Jewellery

Can I get a quote for the jewellery or watch I want to sell without seeing it?

Unfortunately no, our jewellery buyer needs to assess your piece with you in person to offer you a selling price.

Can I trade in my diamond?

If you’re looking to trade a diamond you already have for a new one, we can put together a trade in value to use toward your new diamond.

How do you pay me when you purchase my jewellery or watch?

When you sell your jewellery, we write you a cheque when you accept our offer to buy your piece of jewellery or watch.


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