Meet the Team

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Sammie M.


As the office coordinator for ADX, Sammie makes sure the whole office runs smoothly. We’re still working on getting her to stop wearing the jewellery all the time.

Sammie's Favourites

Diamond shape: Hexagon (hexagons are my favorite shape, and well suited for Salt & Pepper diamonds)

Jewellery trend: Salt & Pepper Diamonds

ADX piece: JA B00158- Geometric Patterned Bracelet

Vanessa W.

Diamond Consultant

A hopeless romantic at heart! If you’ve found your person, count on Vanessa to help you find the perfect ring.

Vanessa’s Favourites

Diamond shape: Emerald cut – its clean lines and mirror-like appearance gives an added touch of elegance

Jewellery trend: Celestial motifs – humanity has long been fascinated by the heavens; and pieces inspired by the sun, moon and stars are making a big comeback this year.

ADX piece: AD4899 – Starburst Diamond Ring

Robyn B.W.

Diamond Consultant | Content Manager

Robyn balances her time between searching for sparkly diamonds and the oxford comma.

Robyn’s Favourites

Diamond shape: Round Brilliant. It’s timeless, classic, and oh-so sparkly!

Jewellery trend: Micropave diamond accents because it creates such a stunning glitter effect.

ADX piece: 1AB00155 – Bling Ring 

Amy C.

Managing Partner

As ADX’s ringleader, Amy’s love for diamonds is crystal clear.

Amy’s Favourites

Diamond shape: Oval if I have to choose, but I truly LOVE all of the shapes.

Jewellery trend: Maximalist 80s Gold Jewellery

ADX piece: W1523 – Rolex President 

Darren M.


Darren’s Favourites

Diamond shape: Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Jewellery trend: Art Deco and Ultra Contemporary

ADX piece: W1520 – IWC Spitfire