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Guide To Anniversary Gifts

Your love for each other grows deeper every year. Choosing an anniversary gift doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Use our anniversary guide below for inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a youthful, playful design, or something with more depth and gravity, our consultants will help you choose or custom design a beautiful gift. You can browse our selection of best-selling jewellery online, or contact us to create a unique gift for your loved one.

Year One


You’ve been together for one year; congratulations! Let’s go for gold!

Year Two


Though it comes in different colours, the most popular garnet is red. Set this gemstone in white metal, like white gold or platinum, for a truly striking effect.

Year Three


As Jackie Kennedy so beautifully said, “Pearls are always appropriate”. The versatile pearl can be presented as a strand necklace, pendant, earrings, or ring. For him, consider a piece inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

Year Four

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is a hardy gemstone that enhances the beauty of its surrounding metal. Associated with love and affection, the blue topaz is a perfect choice to celebrate your unending love for each other.

Year Five


Sapphires come in many colours. Because of its durability, it is known for standing the test of time.

Year Six


The brilliant purple amethyst is a variety of quartz. It can be cut in different ways to match the wearer’s personal style.

Year Seven


A remarkably deep-black gemstone, onyx is a popular choice for masculine or art-deco inspired jewellery.

Year Eight


Known as earth’s most colourful gemstone, tourmaline is available in an array of colours. Tourmaline is widely popular and can be easily set to create a lasting impression.

Year Nine


Treasured for its deep, beautiful blue colour, this gemstone can be expertly carved into stunning pendants, earrings, beaded bracelets, or cufflinks.

Year Ten


Needless to say, 10 years is a very special milestone for you and your partner. This is the perfect opportunity for a diamond anniversary band, earrings, pendant, or tiepin.

Year Eleven


This greenish-blue stone is one of the most versatile gemstones available. Make turquoise the focal point, or use as an accent in a piece of jewellery. Either way, its beauty is undeniable.

Year Twelve


Chinese philosopher Confucius once wrote that jade is like virtue and its brightness represents heaven. Best known for its signature green colour and smooth contours, jade is most commonly carved into beads for necklaces or pendants.

Year Thirteen


Citrine is a beautiful yellow-orange gemstone that is often compared to a burst of sunshine. This gemstone can be set in yellow gold for a smooth and warm effect, or set it in white metal for a dramatic pop of colour.

Year Fourteen


Most commonly found in a creamy-iridescent white with an impressive play of colours, the opal is a fabulous choice to use as a focal point for a special piece of jewellery.

Year Fifteen


An intense and saturated red colour makes the ruby a symbol of love and passion. This is the perfect gemstone to match any style.

Year Twenty


This classic and elegant gemstone has been the standard for green-coloured stones for millennia. The most desirable emeralds are bluish-green to pure-green in colour.

Year Twenty-five

Silver Jubilee

You’ve been together for a quarter of a century! Celebrate this milestone with a metal desired for its brilliance and luster: silver.

Year Thirty

Pearl Jubilee

Pearls are the perfect representation of your love that has grown over time. For this jubilee anniversary, consider South Sea Pearls. These beautiful pearls are known to be perfectly round with intense luster and shine.

Year Forty


If you exchanged rubies on your fifteenth anniversary, consider a matching piece of jewellery to complement that anniversary gift. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets all go well together.

Year Fifty

Golden Jubilee

You’ve been together for fifty years! It’s truly fitting that gold is said to represent wisdom and your lifelong love.

Year Sixty


When you’ve shared your entire life with someone, you know them through-and-through. Consider creating a piece that can be passed down for generations. Your love has endured it all, and like a diamond, is forever.