5 Important Reasons for Change

Alberta Diamond Exchange (ADX) is excited to present our first blog post and official launch of our new social media pages. Our new blog will be promoted using Twitter and Facebook and when you’re in our neck of the woods, feel free to use our new WiFi hotspot to check-in to our Aspen Landing Shopping Centre location.

After 11 years in the jewelry and bullion industry we felt it was a prime time to expand our client communications to offer the next level of customer service and interaction. ADX recently looked at some hard facts on what blogging and social media offers to the clientele of a business and we felt it was important for ADX to deliver on what people want and expect to get, using social media.

Here are the 5 important reasons we needed to change and some of the data that we looked at to help us understand what everyone expects from social media in this new technology based world:

  1. 67% want to be eligible for exclusive offers.
    Stay in touch through our social media sites and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you’re being informed of any new and exclusive deals. Deals and savings will happen, that’s our guarantee.
  2. 60% want to interact with other customers and clients and to share their experiences.
    We are looking forward to hearing what you have to say and we’ll keep you informed on any industry news. We will also make sure we are educating you with new and important facts that you will need and want to know. Just a few of our blog topics will include diamonds, rings, jewelry and custom designed jewelry, watches, and bullion.
  3. 57% want to find contests or a unique experience.
    Well who doesn’t like a contest and a chance to win awesome prizes? Well we love this idea and we are committed to contests in the future. We also promise to be unique and offer a wide range of rich media content that you can share with your friends and family.
  4. 50% want service and support.
    We are here, listening and we’ll do everything in our power to help you in any way and any time we can. We are only a few keystrokes away to answer and questions or concerns you may have. There are no stupid questions.
  5. 41% want to share ideas for new products and features.
    Again, we are here and looking forward to hearing from you. Simply leave us a post on Facebook or give us a tweet on Twitter and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Do you agree with this data on what people expect? What do you expect from our social media pages, blog, and newsletter? We’d love to hear from you and we’re looking forward to interacting with you and seeing you online!

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